Monday, January 14, 2008

Universal Symbols

My students are now studying universal symbols and creating their own new signs. We probably don't realize just how many symbos we see every day to inform us (like the man/woman signs that tell us which restroom to use) but there are literally thousands of symbolic signs out there. We practically have a second language of symbols on signs.

Some of them are pretty obvious, but some are not so much. It's sometimes fun to come up with new definitions to some of the more humorous signs. Like this one:

According to Zefrank, this one says "Push Button, Recieve Bacon."

As my students come up with new universal symbols, I might post a few here until Art 304 gets moved to its new home. I might also poke fun at warning signs I find while out and about.


Buzzardbilly said...

There used to be a punk band in Morgantown called Th'Inbred. There logo was the international bathroom dude holding hands with the international bathroom chick and an international inbred kid holding one of their hands. He had a pointed head and three fingers. You can see it on this pic of one of their album covers Th'Inbred

Rebecca Burch said...

BB -- Heheheheeee! I love that!!!!

The Dalai Mama said...

"Push Button, Recieve Bacon." Gahahahahahah!