Monday, January 14, 2008

My Kitchen

I love my kitchen. This is about the closest thing I have to an art studio at home, sadly. But it works. Here, you see my latest project -- a room divider for my oldest son. My 3 sons have a huge, L-shaped bedroom, and the oldest is jonesing for his own space, so I decided to make a room divider for him out of old doors. I couldn't find the cool, vintage doors that I wanted, but I promised to make it for him ASAP, so I went with the hollow-core doors. There will be four of them, painted in different colors, and this one is painted with chalkboard paint.

You can also see the cute vintage aprons I turned into curtains. I have a serious vintage apron problem. I blame my aunt Bonnie, who used to let me play in her apron drawer while she cooked Sunday dinner when I was little. I loved her aprons, and now whenever I look at these, I think of her. She just turned 90 a couple weeks ago, and is still one of my biggest inspirations in the kitchen. If you want to know what to do with just about anything in the kitchen, hang out with a depression-era cook.

And yeah, there are dirty dishes in the sink. Sue me. We actually use our kitchen. It is the place for yummy meals, creative projects, creative projects that become yummy meals, and creative projects that become funny stories. Maybe eventually I'll have an actual art studio somewhere in my house, but for now, the kitchen is my creativity place.


Rachael said...

I love your kitchen!
And I really can't wait to see the divider when it's finished!
Apron curtains? What a cute idea!

Rebecca Burch said...

Rachael -- thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I can't take credit for the curtains -- I totally stole that from a friend.

The room divider is going to be awesome. I am on my 3rd door, so hopefully, it will be done in a couple days.

fishing guy said...

I don't know how you can cook with a door in the middle of the kitchen.

Blonde Goddess said...

I love old aprons. I have my great grandmother's aprons and inherited her hand written cookbook as well.
I cook in my kitchen almost every night of the week. It's too small for us to eat in though, so our dining room is the place we all congregate in my house.

Rebecca Burch said...

FG -- It ain't easy. :) I try to work right after a meal so it's dry by the next one and I can just lean it up against the wall.

BG -- It's funny, you'd think the dining room would be where everyone hangs out, but whenever we have people over, they almost always congregate in the kitchen. Of course, most of my girlfriends are foodies and the guys usually want to talk about man stuff in whatever room they're in, so I guess it all seems natural to hang out in the kitchen.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Is that Fiestaware in the sink? :-)