Saturday, January 19, 2008

St. George's

I love this building. It looks kind of out-of-place in Charleston, right next to the uber-boring architecture of the shopping mall.

I'm home sick... feeling horrible. I had just kicked the upper-respiratory funkiness that everyone in my home was passing around, and now I've got the sinus funkiness that everyone else is passing around. My head feels like it's encased in a thick block of Jello. I would really like to go take a nap, maybe watch a good movie or do something that involves a minimal amount of standing upright... but it doesn't seem likely. *sigh* Moms aren't allowed to have sick-time.

Laundry calls...


Juanuchis said...

Love the photo. Reminds me of St. Spyridon in Clarksburg.

I hope you feel better! I'm been battling a sinus infection, and I'm SO over it. I now have antiobiotics and pred. And a vaporizer.

I'm promising myself that I will spend time in my studio tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I would love to be encased in Jello.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry you're feeling cruddy. But, I did nominate you for an award on my blog - maybe that'll make you feel better. {{{Hugs}}}