Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey! I know these kids!

A student (girl) and ex-student (boy) of mine are having their first art exhibit opening today -- 5:00 PM at Komax in South Charleston, WV (D-street.)

I'm not taking credit -- the exhibit is of work created in an afterschool art program taught by local artist (and amazing person) Barrie Kauffmann. I am just really happy to see these young artists getting some exposure, and I hope they have a really good turnout for their show. They're both super-cool kids and I know the art is going to be impressive!

I probably won't be going ... my daughter had ear tube surgery this morning (it went really well!) and we'll most likely chill out at home tonight. I will be catching the show at some point, real soon, though. I am so proud of these kids!


Buzzardbilly said...

No wonder you're proud!

I keep waiting to see one of my old students doing something cool. One of them is getting a good bit of NFL playing time, but he was fairly given to nothing but douchebaggery in class, so I don't feel pride. Instead I wish it was one of the other ones who was cool.

Rebecca Burch said...

Ah. I went to school with a douchebag-cum-NFL superstar. I cringe whenever I see little kids idolizing him. *sigh* Oh, well.

Carletta said...

Hi Rebecca,
I'm back from VA and catching up with my blogging buddies. I hope this won't be too long cause I have to comment on so much - you have been busy!
First off, I was so sorry to hear about your student Laura. Having been a teacher I know and can understand how that affects you. Your comments really expressed what a unique girl she must have been. She was lucky to have someone like yourself. All teachers are not alike it's sad to say, but I sense a kind and very caring person who gets to know her students more deeply than just "a kid taking up a seat." That's a special quality Ms. Rebecca. I think you and Laura were blessed with each other.
Now - the livestock market in Spencer! You know your picture makes it much more appealing than it is. At least the last time I saw it. Your apron curtains - they are really cute. I'm envious.In that same post about purchasing the curtains you mentioned a pink Lindy Star ring. I have one tucked somewhere in my jewelry box from my husband. It was one of the first "expensive" presents he got me after we were married. We celebrated our 33rd anniversary last month. Thanks for the memories!
Sorry this is long, but I missed so much!

The Dalai Mama said...

buzzardbilly: "douchebaggery" I love it!

As for the student-art...Wow. That's very impressive.

Re: NFL players: Fortunately, my experience with a football star is only good. He rented the apt. under the first house that Sleek and I bought. He lived there for two years while he was in school here at WVU. He played a year in the NFL, and is now in the Canadian Football League. He's just a great guy, and he was definitely the team's star player here at WVU. Becky, I think I know the player you went to high school with, and yes, he ooozes douchebaggery! LOL