Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Skycycle, 2008
10" X 12", India Ink, watercolor, and gold leaf on cotton rag paper

New art! This is my first "real" art project (as in, for myself -- not something done for class, or crafty stuff) in a long time.

I've made a lot of things to use as examples in class lately, but nothing blogworthy, as we're studying pretty rudimentary stuff. This is my first "real" art project in a long time, and I am surprised at how easily it came together.

I used a blotted-line technique that Andy Warhol used a lot in the early days of his art-making. It's a pretty tedious process -- you draw on non-absorbent paper, then print on absorbent paper, and you get a really cool effect, but it's kind of tricky because you can only do a small area at a time, and you have to print in exactly the right spot each time. I like how it has a sort of funky, wobbly look, almost like old rock posters from the Fillmore.

Bonus -- it *might* be published. I'll let you know if and when.


fishing guy said...

Rebacca: I love it. It shows a lot of talent.

The Dalai Mama said...

I love it too! I just can't believe how awesome it is. Wow.

Rebecca Burch said...

Thank you, FG and DM! :)

J. Keeling said...

V-e-r-y N-i-c-e. I like the glass effect.