Wednesday, January 16, 2008

7:45 AM

Another experiment with panoramic photography (click picture for full image.)

I have been asked to take a panoramic photo of the entire CCHS school population, so I wanted to experiment with things that are moving and to see how they will blend when I put the images together (because nobody can stand completely still, and in a group that large, somebody's gonna move.)

Moving people worked out just fine. Moving cars, not so much. Check out the red mini-SUV in the front! It looks like a tiny toy car. I would totally buy something like that, though. It would have to get crazy good gas mileage!

I guess people are smaller than cars and don't move far enough within a frame to get messed up. They do get repeated if they move from one frame to another during shooting, though -- but that isn't hard to fix in Photoshop, and nobody's going to move that much in the portrait.


Anonymous said...

Every year, the middle school I want to sends the 8th grade to D.C., and they would always use a guy who took panoramic photos. The pics would be taken on the steps on the Capitol. For fun, he always had one person stand on one side when the picture starts, then have that same person run to the other side. That way the picture had the same person on both sides.

Rebecca Burch said...

That's a really cool idea, Steve!!! I might just do that.