Saturday, December 08, 2007

Clay County Christmas

Each year, the school where I teach puts on a huge charity event for disadvantaged families at a sister church near Clay, WV. It's a truly heartwarming thing, seeing a whole school (two whole schools, if you count the grade school) come together to help others. Social work is a big thing in my school, and it always makes me a little teary-eyed to see kids who have so much working to help those who don't -- and they really enjoy it!

I decided to make a little video highlighting this program, and my 6th graders came together to do a neat little stop-motion animation sequence at the beginning of the video. It was hilarious, filming that sequence. Each student had a present to animate, and I would yell "GO!" and they would move the gift a little bit, jump out of the shot, and I would snap the picture. Then I would yell "GO!" and they would do it again. As crazy as it was, it worked really well, and the kids did a great job. I have never laughed so hard, though -- my sides still ache from filming it yesterday.

So, here it is:

This is truly why I love my job. I love my kids, I love the people I work with, and I love the way this school comes together as a community. You just don't find this in every school.


Samantha said...

The stop-motion animation is SO cute! What a clever intro!

MsJamie said...

The program is awesome - and I love the animated presents!!

Buzzardbilly said...

What an excellent video! Your students, especially in such a visual age as today, must just love your class. I love teaching (public, mostly freshmen) when I do it.

It's a great program too.

Blonde Goddess said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. It really warmed my heart. I think that giving to others is one of the most beautiful things a human being can do.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That was so cute! My son attends St. Francis in St. Albans and charity is always a big thing there as well. Love it!

Rebecca Burch said...

Thanks, everyone!

Samantha -- It was such a trip filming that sequence!

Jamie -- It really is a cool program, and it just gets better every year.

BB -- Thanks! I want the kids to have some experience with digital media because of those reasons exactly! They love it and it is such a big part of our culture.

BG -- It is so neat to see even the snarkiest kids enjoy doing something to help others.

ETW -- Oh, cool! Will he be coming to CCHS, or do you know, yet?

fishing guy said...

Rebecca: What a great program to share with those more needy at Christmas.
You did a great job animating the presents.

Shark Girl said...

I fun watching this video. The animated presents was so cute. The second present in line was my favorite. It looked like it was "walking".