Friday, December 07, 2007

Cookie Time!

I spent yesterday evening making pizzelles -- traditional, wafer-thin Italian cookies made with anise. I made a huge batch to take to school, and they disappeared so quickly, I decided to make some for Olivia to take to school for snacktime. You have to have a pizzelle iron to make them (it's that thing to the front left of the bottom photo that looks like a George Foreman grill.) Like biscotti, they're not terribly sweet and are good with coffee or your favorite coffee-like drink. (I like mine with chai. The flavors go well together.)


Blonde Goddess said...

I need one of those! I can make biscotti but I have no pizzelle maker.

Man those all look yummy!!!

Rachael said...

They look so cute and tasty!!

Rebecca Burch said...

BG -- You know, I was reluctant to buy one because I really don't like to clutter my kitchen up with kitchen gadgets you can only use to make one thing... but I use these all the time!

If you drape the pizzelles over a glass while they're still hot, they'll harden into little bowls perfect for ice cream!

Rachael -- Thanks! They are really tasty. If you don't like anise flavoring, you can substitute vanilla and they're just as good.

The Dalai Mama said...

Rebecca, they look awesome!