Monday, December 10, 2007

Himself the Elf

I caught an elf in my house! Well, I didn't "catch" him... unless you count catching him on film. He was moving awfully fast! He must be scoping out an inconspicuous entrance for Santa, and maybe checking to make sure we're full of Christmas spirit.

Odd... he looks just like Jonathan, my two-year-old, only with much bigger ears. :) I hope we passed inspection. He seemed awfully interested in the big plate of cookies on the kitchen counter -- until he saw the camera!


Carletta said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I just love it. I wanted you to know I was mentioning you in mine today.
It's about the MOBA. I loved the site. The Lucy pic made me smile.
And, you live in the hometown where I was born and raised. I just retired (teaching)and moved back to WV from Virginia. I'm down the road near Parkersburg.
Looking forward to what you come up with next. The cookies, the animated much talent!!!

Rebecca Burch said...

Thank you, Carletta! I am excited to check out your blog, now! Yay -- another WV blogger! And an ex-teacher, to boot! I come from a big family of teachers, so there is a certain kinship with other teachers out there.

How cool that you're from my hometown! I wasn't born here, but I really love this town.