Thursday, October 25, 2007


It makes me laugh that whenever I turn my camera on my sweet, cherub-faced, huggable 8-year-old whenever he's in his football gear, he always puts on his "fierce face."

This weekend's the playoffs for his team. I hope we win! But if not, it's still been a good season. I am going to be happy to have our weekends back, though... at least until basketball season.


fishing guy said...

He does put on a tough look when he puts on the helmet. Is he a first or second grader?

JDB said...

It'd be more fierce if the chin strap actually came into contact with his chin! :)

Rebecca Burch said...

FG -- Third! :) He's kind of small and actually pretty timid when not on the football field. That's why I find it so amusing to see the "fierce face."

JDB -- Heehee! Yeah, this photo was taken about an hour before the last game, and he was walking around in the stands. That's actually his brother's helmet, so it's not even adjusted right.

scienceguy said...

That IS Joe's helmet. If it was Isaac's, the pads wouldn't come close to touching his head. He just doesn't have all four of his chinstrap snaps snapped in place.

Rebecca Burch said...

Ah. Okay. Well, at least he didn't play like that.

I love this picture. He's so cute! Even with the fierce face!