Friday, October 26, 2007

Black Walnut Tree

This is the black walnut tree in my back yard. The nuts have already fallen, and oddly enough -- they're not black. They look sort of like hard limes. The outer covering falls off and the nut inside is black, the hull oozing with an inky blackish-brown substance that stains the skin (and everything else) brownish-yellow. People used to make everything from wood stain to hair dye using this walnut ink. You can still buy the ink in places, but it's crazy expensive. I would love to learn how to make it, myself.


scienceguy said...

They turn black and stain your hands (or anything else for that matter) once they have been on the ground for a while.

Rebecca Burch said...

Tell me about it! I do the laundry! Yuck.

I can totally see why people got the idea to stain furniture and dye their hair with this stuff.

It smells gross, though. :P

fishing guy said...

We used to gather the nuts and throw them in the driveway and then drive over them with the car. The meat inside a black walnut is good tasting but very sparse. I love black walnut ice cream.

Jenny said...

We have a few black walnut trees, too. Some people like the taste of black walnuts, but I personally think they taste like crap. Not only that, but we nearly break our ankles on the ones littering the ground. :\

I don't know if this'll help, but there's some info on making walnut dye here:

And some other good links at the bottom. :)