Monday, November 26, 2007

The Art Show Opening -- The Purple Moon

The always-awesome Rudy Panucci and his companion, Melanie came out to the show -- looking fabulous, by the way!

My husband, Mike, and daughter Olivia, checking out the Goebel prints in the alcove.

I call this one "Charlestonian Gothic." I always make dorky faces when people stick a camera in my face. I like being on the other side of the camera, better. Anyway, that's my exhibit. The piece in the middle is made up of 9 smallish photos of fun things -- toys, disco lights, paintbrushes, hot rod parts... you get the idea. It's called, obviously, "Play." The two on the right are miniaturized shots, and the Statue of Liberty is a mixed media oil pastel/ink/scratch art piece.

I love these ladies! These are my friends Julie, Robin, and Tracey (from l-r behind me). They came all the way from Spencer to surprise me at my show opening, then we all went out to eat at Sitar of India. Yum!!!

It was a blast. The Modern Guy and Modern Lady have a sweet little shop, and I enjoyed looking around. A lot of people came through. It was a good showing!

Next up: the rest of Friday's Artwalk.


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Buzzardbilly said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!

Rebecca Burch said...

Thanks, guys. Yes, we had a great time. Didn't sell anything, yet, but that's art for ya! It will be up until the first of the year so maybe somebody with a love of photography and deep pockets will happen by and buy it all up so I can afford to do another show. :)