Monday, October 15, 2007

Robey Theater, Spencer, WV

I stopped by the Robey Theater last night to check out "Stardust," which was an awesome movie! It is sure to become a favorite in my home, once it comes out on DVD.
The Robey is the perfect theater to see this sort of movie in. It's the oldest continuously-operating theater in the United States and has been operating since 1901! It's a gorgeous theater, with most of the original decor throughout the building. My father-in-law used to own and operate it from the late 80s- until just a couple years ago, and he showed me the old stalls that vaudeville performers used for changing rooms beneath the stage. (Many of them autographed the walls down there!)
The new owners have made some upgrades -- new seats, commercials for local businesses before the show, and the also had the neon sign fixed. The sign hasn't lit up for years, and now it looks simply gorgeous! I am happy with the changes, but glad that they're keeping with some of the old traditions, too. They even show some of the old movie trailers and commercials from time to time.

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