Sunday, February 04, 2007

Help! My music is being held hostage by my iPod!

So you've spent countless hours putting together the perfect music library, your computer crashes, and you learn that iTunes won't let you take your files off your iPod onto a different computer (it won't!) Or, say you want to listen to your music library from a computer other than the one it is registered to -- you paid for that music, you should be able to, right?

Enter Music Rescue -- a sweet little program from Kennetnet Software in the UK. Simply install it (either on your computer or your iPod,) run it, and access your music anywhere. It will copy your files from your iPod and load them into your iTunes (you will have to reauthorize your iTunes store tracks, first.)

It's a free trial. If you like it, fork over the $18 for a registered copy.


jedi jawa said...

I like my old MP3 player for these very reasons. Plus it has an SD card slot unlike the new ones.

Anathema Device said...

Yeah. I like the iPod in some ways and hate it in others. :( I do like the 99-cent download as opposed to spending $16-20 for an entire CD if I'm not sure I'm going to love it, but at the same time, the proprietary file format makes it really inconvenient to use, other than to listen to it on my home computer.