Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Personal Trains on Abandoned Light-Rail Tracks

I always wanted something like this as a child!

The French association, Hehe, has come up with some concept "personal trains" intended to be used on abandoned light-rail tracks. They have several concepts and even some prototypes that are in the works. My favorite is the flying carpet design by Tapas Volant (picture above.) You can see a video of it in use here. It's so funny watching peoples' reactions as he rides his little cushion through town.

Thanks to Boingboing for the info!


jedi jawa said...


Old Broad said...

This comes sort of close to that flying car I was promised, except, of course, it's on the ground.
Utterly cool.

beck's hubby said...

That song about a magic carpet ride keeps popping into my head.... :)

JDB said...

I wouldn't want to take a corner too quickly on that thing!

Anathema Device said...

Yeah, I think that taking a corner too quickly would be a bad idea. :) It's still cool, though.