Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Painting, Day I

Now can you guess what it is?

It's just the underpainting so far. I'm test-driving some new water-soluable oil paints that I got for school. I'm kind of a paint snob -- I really love oils and have been suffering through using acrylics more at school because of the fumes. I had seen these oil paints that you can cut with water in catalogues and put off buying them until I had gotten some good reviews from other artists.

They're pretty cool. They're not the same as regular oil paints, but are close enough that I think I am going to like them better than acrylics. We'll see how they do as I build up paint thickness on the canvas.


Beck's Hubby said...

Hmmmm... Looks an awful lot like that picture a couple places down. That's awesome, especially for just getting started! :)

msliberty said...

Those are oragami cranes! How beautiful! I especially love the way you've chosen the colors to highlight the different aspects of the folded paper.

I LOVE this picture!