Thursday, January 18, 2007

Painting, Day 2

Today I repainted the background, and started working on shading on the top left cranes. When I paint, I like to paint from the background to the foreground, which is why sometimes things end up being painted in front of other things, only for the order to be switched around later on. Believe it or not, your eye can actually "read" depth of paint, so it's always good for things that are supposed to be on top to be literally painted on top of other things (plus, it keeps your drawing correct. It's easier to paint one thing and then paint another thing on top of it than it is to try and paint around an obstacle.)

I am liking the water-soluable oil paints. They were a little tricky to get used to at first, but I'm starting to really love them. I really love that I can just leave my palette out, then come back and add water and use old dried-up paint. You can't do that with traditional oils. You do sacrifice texture, a little, though. These aren't as buttery-soft as traditional oils, although they aren't bad. They even have that nice oil-paint smell that I love so much. :)

I think I am going to do a whole series of paintings of origami cranes.


jedi jawa said...

Wow, that looks so different than it did in the last picture! I can really see what you mean about filling it in.

BTW, nice reference to "Sunday" a few posts back. :-)

whitty1 said...

I like your painting, it's very colourful and has interesting shapes. If you want to see some of mine in the UK see Artists Progress I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed looking at yours. Sue

Beck's Hubby said...

Wow, I thought the first one was looking awfully good, but the refinements are very striking. The lines are so clean. It looks great. I thought it looked even better in person. :)

msliberty said...

I LOVE your idea of doing a series of cranes.

And I love this second painting, too! I like the way you've used the colors to highlight some of the paper folds.