Friday, August 18, 2006

New Local Movie Being Made

There's a new movie being made in Spencer, WV. Pretty Girls Make Graves is a horror-flick spoof, in the same vein as Invasion of the Space Preachers. I won't go into details -- you can go to the website to read the storyline -- but I did manage to land a cameo appearance as an innocent bystander. (I'm gonna be FAMOUS! Teehee!)

The film debuts at the historic Robey Theater in Spencer on October 31st. Please support local art, and plan to come and see the movie. You'll laugh... you probably won't cry... you'll have a great time and laugh some more when you remember the zombie's response to "Hey buddy! Are you OK?"

Hehheh! Seriously. It's that funny!

<-- Mike Titus as himself in Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Photo by the Web Keeper.

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