Friday, August 25, 2006

Hi-ho, hi-ho...

... it's back to school we go!

I must be a true geek, because I actually love going back to school each year. I love getting my classroom straightened up, hanging up posters, opening up boxes of new art supplies and putting them up on clean shelves.

I also love driving down Leon Sullivan Way to see all the kids in their fresh white polos and blue corduroy pants waiting by the front door for Mrs. Sullivan (principal) to let them in. I love seeing how much they've grown, and the new hairstyles they're trying out (because you have to have a totally new hairstyle for the first day of school!)

We're a week into school, now, and it's so nice to be back. I love my job, and I'm extremely lucky to be doing what I love. How many people can say they really love their jobs?

I have to give Charlie Tee props for reminding me that dreams are something you have to make happen, and dreams require upkeep. You can't just go through life waiting for your dreams to jump up out of nowhere -- you have to make them happen. I am living my dreams right now, but I can't get complacent. I need to make more art, plain and simple.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Rebecca!
It's Saturday
and I have a gift for you
a little piece of Peace
jam movie

Anathema Device said...

Thanks for that! I love it!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Rebecca, glad you enjoyed it.
"I love him because he gets the connection between creativity and knowledge, imagination and logic, religion and science -- especially that none of them are mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary -- he felt that they depended on one another!"

I don't understand how not everyone sees it like that.
Anyone who is a friend of Charlie Tee's is a friend of mine, you are more than welcome to add me to your blogroll

Anathema Device said...

Sweet! Thanks!