Friday, June 23, 2006


festivALL starts today -- YAY! A 3-day arts festival in my hometown? Yes, please! For years I've been wishing for some of those neato arts festivals like you see in bigger cities, and here we go -- festivALL! I've heard that they're trying to extend it to a week-long festival in the future, and I really hope they do. Charleston is really an exciting place for an artist right now -- there are a LOT more opportunities than there were just 10 years ago. I am so excited to be getting back into it again, both as an art teacher and an artist, myself.

This is the fish painted by my students at the Charleston Catholic High School Art Camp. The theme is "Carp Diem" (get it? Carp?!?) and they painted the fish in bright colors with messages about ways you can "seize the day" all over the fish. They thought of some really good ones, like, "Call that guy" or "hug somebody". My personal favorite is "leave your cellphone at home." (I know I could get a lot more seizing done without THAT damn thing!)

I can't wait to see all the fish en masse. Kind of like the Cow Parade, but wetter. ;)

See you there!

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