Thursday, May 11, 2006


Terminal Building

It's rainy, rainy, rainy... I can tell it's raining even though I can't see the rain from my basement classroom, because of the humidity. Humidity for my hair is like baking soda for vinegar.

Even when it's rainy, I love to walk around downtown at lunchtime and get out of my "dungeon." I love to watch people walking around, doing their jobs and going to lunch... cars, trucks, vans driving around... I love the noise of the city. I love watching people do what they do.

I also love Ellen's. It is quickly becoming my favorite source of lunchy goodness, now that Delish is gone. I miss my Thai satay, but Ellen's curried chicken salad is pretty good, too. Wasn't too crazy about the orzo and corn salad today, but it wasn't bad, really... just not my favorite. (I am totally going to have to try to cop the recipe for the curried chicken, though.)

Today is my last pottery class at Taylor Books. I have had so much fun teaching this class! I can't wait to teach the silk painting class this summer, although I am sad to say goodbye to pottery. Maybe I'll do another class in the fall.


Scott Mitchell said...
In case you haven't seen it. There is a blog meeting tomorrow 8am at Taylor Books.

Just FYI.


Anathema Device said...

Sweet! I will try to stop by! Thanks, Scott!