Sunday, January 06, 2008


Hubby's big engine project is apparently near completion. Know how I know? The house was perfectly quiet, and then all of a sudden this deafening roar rose up from the basement garage, the walls shook, the baby started running for the basement door to find the source of that awesome noise, and the cat nearly had a heart attack. Welcome to life at Casa de Chaos.
I've been busy with some projects of my own, thus the lack of blogginess. Mine are not nearly as glamorous or adrenaline-powered as hubby's, but I am happy to spend the time to get these things done -- closets organized, kids' rooms decluttered, outgrown toys and clothes donated, etc... I have taken on the task of building a room divider for my oldest son out of old doors. This is going really well, and I'll post photos when I get it done. It's a neat idea I stole from a decorating magazine, although I had difficulty finding the really cool vintage doors I really wanted, so it's going to be a little more plain than I wanted. Oh, well. If this works well, I might make another one for the dining/computer room to divide off the ugly computer area from the dining area. Maybe...
I also have some art projects in the works. Yay! I need to keep with it so I won't lose my momentum.

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Buzzardbilly said...

The door divider sounds great! There's an auction out in Clendinen I went to one time. Didn't get anything, but I was amazed at the array of antiques they had. They weren't auctioning them the day I was there, but they had quite a collection of old fixtures set to be auctioned in the future.

Prices were not out of this world for most things auctioned either. Depended on whether more than one person had their heart set on a thing. Might be an interesting idea place for you to look if nothing else. Surely there's not more than one auction house in Clendinen.