Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Lincoln Memorial

I am teh busy today... but I had to share these photos. I love the Lincoln Memorial. It has always held a certain magic for me, and I remember getting chills as I climbed the steps and his face emerged from the shadows when I visited last -- in sixth grade! It was so great to see my own children's expressions as they experienced the same thing during this trip.

Lincoln was an almost mythological character to me as a child. I grew up reading about him, just like Laura Ingalls Wilder and Gandhi. He was one of my earliest heroes, and I still love reading about him today. I am glad that my children are interested in history and in the same heroes that I loved reading about as a child. It's so neat to relive my childhood a little through my own kids. I get to re-experience childhood, but with the benefit of everything I've learned since then.


Carletta said...

Ah..Lincoln! I think of him as the gentle President. He just fits that mold for me. He also reminds me of my father. Dad was tall and thin and had dimples in gaunt cheeks. It's funny, I've never told anyone that before.
And....what a lovely little miss with such a sweet smile.

fishing guy said...

What a great place to take the children and let them experience history. Your daughter is really cute.

Rebecca Burch said...

Carletta -- I've always felt that way, too. I love the side-shot of the memorial. He looks like he's listening to an interesting story.

And thanks for the compliment for Miss Liv. Can you tell she loves getting her photo taken? She is so much fun to take places.

FG -- Thanks! It makes me really sad that nobody does school trips to DC anymore. Olivia is a cutie -- and she really loves the camera! Her big brothers aren't so willing to get in front of the camera.

Buzzardbilly said...

I absolutely love the Lincoln Memorial. It is the place where historically groups go to redress their grievances in civil rights.

It is the cathedral where personal freedom is officially worshipped.

From the historic speeches that have formed our country while being delivered from those steps, to the panels of Lincoln's own speeches and the artwork depicting the rending of the south and the mending of the country it fascinates me.

Excellent post (and model too).

Rebecca Burch said...

It is the cathedral where personal freedom is officially worshipped.

Beautifully put! I'm totally going to steal that line when I talk about the LM in my classrooms.

Reading those speeches on enormous walls gave me chills. God, I need a time machine! I really think I should have double majored in art and history.