Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Land Line

It's the end of an era. Today starts a brave new world for me... the change of my life, completely. It's going to be a difficult adjustment, just changing from the way things were to now.

My parents got rid of their land-line.

It makes sense. It's expensive and under-used (except for those rotten telemarketers and survey-takers.) Land-lines are an obsolete technology. Heck, I can never catch them at home, anyway, so I am usually calling their cellphones. But getting rid of the landline... that's kind of hitting me wrong. I am really having a weird feeling about this -- a feeling I wasn't anticipating at the announcement of this change.

It's the first phone number I ever memorized, and it was almost like my name through my teen years. So many memorable phone conversations have happened through that number. So many people I love who are gone have dialed those digits in the past. It's such a weird thing knowing that 3049495453 will be no more. It's almost like if they sold the home I grew up in and moved away... it's that weird to me. And yet, I'll get through this. Somehow.


Blonde Goddess said...

We are going to get rid of our land line too. The expense is silly and we all have our own phones.
I understand what you mean though about the phone number. My nana has had the same phone number in Maine since I was born. I can't imagine not being able to dial that number and call her.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I kept my parents' phone on for several months after my mom passed away (dad died 14 mos earlier), cause I wanted anyone who wanted to leave a message to be able to do so and I could get back to them. It was hard enough to call people who had sent Christmas cards.

I'm not giving up my landline yet. I just can't.

Juanuchis said...

If we had decent cell service up our holler, we'd kick Verizon to the curb. Their technicians are fine, but their customer service SUCKS mightily.

As for my parents home, if we ever move there, I'll keep the landline for nostalgia, since they've had that number since area code+seven digits came into being. But even in that case, our cells would be primary. :)