Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another ghost sign ... and a pigeon


Charlie Tee said...

Hi Rebecca, I've really been enjoying your pictures, and was wondering what type of camera you use.
Also, thanks so much for your comments last week on my site. It meant alot.
Slowly, but surely, I;m trying to come back to my computer.
Anyway,as always, keep up the great work.
By the way, my best friend in New York is in love your blog.
Take care,
Lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

Rebecca Burch said...

Wow, thank you Charlie T! And tell your friend thanks for stopping by my blog, as well! I'm so glad you're doing better. I hope you're still active with your music!!! Take care of yourself. You're in my prayers.

I'm still a "newbie" at photography, so I don't have a lot of really expensive equipment. I have a Canon S3 IS camera -- kind of a high-end amateur camera. I recently got a gift of PHotoshop CS3 at school and am dinking around on it trying out new tricks (like the blurring in this photo.) I would be up the creek without photoshop, although I try to keep my photos within the realm of believable -- not too much tweaking.

All Click said...

I really like seeing the Ghost signs on buildings. Thanks for sharing this one. It says "America" to me but I can't quite explain why. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca Burch said...

Thank you, Allclick! :)

Juanuchis said...

Love the ghost signs. I have some photos I took of a couple in Weston. There's another in Buckhannon I need to shoot.

A year or so ago Buckhannon commissioned an artist to do a mural about the city on the side of one of the buildings. Lovely.

A couple days ago idiots vandalized it. Sigh.

Rebecca Burch said...

What a bunch of morons!!!! I can't understand people who vandalize public art.

Hey, where can I go to see your art/photos/stuff? Or is it all in your blog? If I can stop traveling for a minute, I could actually read back a few pages! :D

Juanuchis said...

I really don't have a consolidated place for my art yet. I need to work on that! Part of my New Year's resolution to devote much more time to my art.

The "Deep Thoughts" picture on my profile is a painting I did after my chocolate lab looking out the window. I have some others. I take inspiration from nature and our dogs.

You can see my dad's stuff by clicking the link "See George Bland's Art" (or whatever I called it). He's 90, and has stacked up many canvasses in their house. He's my inspiration.

Would love to take art conversations to email!

Merry Christmas!