Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Winter's moving in.

Shoo! Shoo! Go away, winter!

Ugh. I am not a winter person. I think I was meant to live where it's at least 60 degrees out every day and sunny. I can take all the sweaty 90 degree-plus weather you can throw at me, but give me a few cold days and I'm toast. I wish I could box Charleston up and move it right next to Savannah, GA -- another favorite city of mine.

Today is chaos. I'm supposed to be at school for 1/2 day, then parent conferences until 9, and somewhere in there I've got to find time to help build theater sets for the school play... and grade papers ... and clean my classroom before the parents get there. Instead, I'm home with a sick baby who sounds like a barking seal. I just spent a while sitting with him in the bathroom with the shower running, and that worked wonders. Soon, we're off to the doctor's office, then I'll tag off with Daddy and hope I can get to school before conferences start.

Do they sell clones on Ebay?

Oh, well. I might take this route to school because I like the view. I ♥ Charleston -- winter and all.


Jackie said...

That's a fan-freakin-tastic picture!

Rebecca Burch said...

Thankyoo! It's kind of ominous, isn't it? I keep imagining hearing "Flight of the Valkries" by Wagner when I look at it.

Go away winter clouds!

Rebecca said...

Ooh, see, I love winter. I'm a snow bunny!

How's your little one doing? We've been lucky so far this year and not had anything, but everyone I know has had that nasty barky cough.