Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Photo totally ripped off from the Gazz.

If you haven't had an opportunity to check out the "Lightscapes for the Holidays" exhibit at the Clay Center, you really should go. It's definitely not one of those "if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all" holiday exhibits you expect to find around Christmas -- not that there's anything wrong with familiar and comfortable, but this is a pleasant surprise.

The exhibit is a series of installations and sculptures using light as a medium. The photo above shows the awesome local artist Mark Tobin Moore in front of his exhibit, "They Are Still With Us," which calls to mind all the people who are no longer with us, who we remember especially during the holidays.

I am taking all my classes to see it, even if we have to zip over and back during the regular class time, because it's just that cool. I am lucky that the school is practically next door to the Clay Center (especially the Juliet Museum of Art, located upstairs in the CC) because it's such an excellent resource. People really don't understand what a treasure we have in our city. It's so much more than just a performance hall and kids' museum -- and it has so much potential to grow through the years, too!


Buzzardbilly said...

When they worked at Sunrise, the folks at the Clay Center always did put on a very interesting exhibit for Christmas. Glad to see that is continuing.

Rebecca Burch said...

I always looked forward to those exhibits. Now that they have more space, the exhibits have really grown -- both in size and in awesomeness!

The Dalai Mama said...

I just can't wait to get to Charleston and visit the Clay Center. I think about it all the time!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We're members of the Clay Center and get there fairly frequently. We'll definitely check this out!

Is this the same sort of thing as the tree displays last year?

BTW, cute new 'do!

Rebecca Burch said...

DM -- You should! If you do, let me know and maybe we could meet up for lunch.

ET -- It's kind of the same thing, except with more variety. Some of the exhibits are big installations -- like a whole space you walk through. It's really neat.

Thanks for the comment on my 'do! I like it. I like yours, too. My hair doesn't do that flippy cut, and I wish it would.