Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Costumes and Candy = Human Sacrifice

So, I was checking the kids' Halloween candy stash after trick-or-treating, (okay... busted... I was totally looking for Kit Kats) and I ran across a little booklet with a Jack-o-lantern on it and the words "BOO!" in big, orange letters.

"How cool!" I thought. "Somebody gave out one of those coupon books for Wendy's Frosties or something."

Oh, how wrong I was...

It was a little cartoon 'zine published by Chick Publications, aimed at educating little kids that their participation in Halloween festivities would damn their little souls to hell because Halloween is the equivalent of a Satanic Christmas.
According to the booklet:

1. Halloween is actually a modern name for the evil holiday Samhain, which is the day all the Satanists would sacrifice humans. In return for their victims, they would leave Jack-O-Lanterns to "scare off death demons."

2. Because our society condones this Halloween foolishness, teens are turning to witchcraft and human sacrifices happen all the time.

3. Satan uses Halloween as a sort of a recruiting gimmick to lure innocent kids to the dark side with candy and idol worship.

[tongue_in_cheek] Who knew? Well, you've been warned. Next time you have an urge to dress up as Elmo and go door to door begging for candy, you may just be doing the devil's work. [/tongue in cheek]

It's scary that people will buy this crap, much less push it on little kids.

Apparently, the outfit that publishes this drivel also publishes a whole lot of stuff, including a book about how the Catholics are going to take over America.

I would be amused if not for the fact that people actually believe this stuff.


MountainLaurel said...

I can't believe that someone would put that proselytizing (well, STUFF since this is a family blog) in your kids' baskets without your permission! That is beyond the pale and the kind of coercion that gives Christians a bad name.

GRRRRRR. This is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever seen. Thanks for reinforcing that they're among us.

The Dalai Mama said...

Pardon me, but OMFG! That is just insane. I agree that it would be amusing if people didn't actually believe that. I mean, really, it's so over-the-top I almost want to laugh at the absurdity. And I might do that if the whole thing wasn't directed toward children. I hate it when religious groups pander to children. Hate it!

Rebecca Burch said...

Laurel -- I couldn't resist blogging about it. It's just that... crazy.

DM -- For serious! I wish I knew which house they got it from. The older boys split from me and the younger kids and went around one section of the neighborhood by themselves, so it must have been up there, because the little ones didn't get one.

Either that or the idiots handing them out knew better than to mess with the feisty Italian scorpio mama. ;)

JDB said...

Ah, Chick Tracts - I was first exposed to them in college in a Philosophy of Fundamentalism class (they were part of the required reading - really!). I used to collect them when I found one around campus. They were just a hoot to read. They're all online now, too.

Sadly, it doesn't surprise me that somebody would hand this out for Halloween (particularly since I'm watching the "Intelligent Design" doc on PBS right now).

MountainLaurel said...

Oh, that last comment wasn't a criticism...it was actually grateful. Should I ever have kids, I'll know to police their halloween baskets.

I'm still amazed that anyone could think this is appropriate. Last I checked, Jesus said "suffer the little children to come to me," not "tell the kiddies they're going to Hell!"

Mr. Chinchilla said...

Amazing. And people call me crazy.

Rebecca Burch said...

JDB -- I shared the comic with the theology and philosophy teachers at my school, and they're going to work them into their lessons. Thanks for letting me know they're all online... I've had fun checking them out.

ML -- Exactly!!! And really, if I were a kid and someone told me I was going to go to hell, I would probably stay away from them and their church! Actually, that sort of happened to me as a kid, at a friend's church, and I've never been comfortable around her family or her church! (she grew up to go to a different church altogether!)

MountainLaurel said...

I have to say that my honey and I got a good laugh over the "Catholics are going to take over America" bit, especially the bit about Jesuits (led by Fr. Loyola) infiltrating local school boards and pushing (gasp!) psychology!

See, my honey is a Catholic neuropsychologist who got his training at (wait for it) Loyola College of Baltimore! :-)