Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Duncan Imperials

Gawd, I love Sitemeter.

I saw that somebody -- maybe you -- tried Googling the title of my first day of school essay to see what it came from. I often use song lyrics as titles, but really ought to share my sources.

The song is "Haircut and New Shoes" by the New Duncan Imperials, a band I remember fondly from my college weekend nights hanging out at Gumby's in Huntington. Good times.

You can hear a clip of the song at Amazon. The song is my yearly "back to school" anthem. Jokingly, of course. I really do love going back to school.

"Haircut and new shoes; first day of school blues. Mama, don't feed me to the lions! Haircut and new shoes, first day of school blues... okay, I'm goin'... dang it, I'm cryin'!"

You gotta love NDI.


Jackie Lantern said...

If NDI were playing at Gumbys you knew you were gonna have fun. Great times, at least the ones I can remember...

Thanks for that!

Rebecca Burch said...

I knew when they came out on stage with a leaf blower with a toilet paper roll on the end and power-TP'd the crowd that it was going to be crazy good times.