Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gingers Extinct in 100 Years?

Photo: 3 generations in a 1934 Ford Phaeton: Used-to-be-red, red, and blonde.
Redheads extinct? Probably not, but scientists say redheads are definitely shrinking in population. Check out the story here.

This makes sense. My husband's a ginger, I'm definitely of mediterranean descent. Our kids are blonde. Not readheads, not dark like me (I look like the hispanic nanny. ) We've done nothing to save the redheads. Sorry... I tried. I blame my lack of recessive ginger genetics.


primalscreamx said...

We should get a powerful rock musician to organize a concert. It would help, maybe, if they were red-headed

redhairedgirl said...

As a natural redhead this makes me sad. At the same time it makes me like my hair more because it's so rare. I hated being a redhead as a kid. I was always teased because I was the only redhead in my school. Now I like it, though I don't like the drawbacks (fair skin and all of the problems that go along with that).