Friday, August 10, 2007

And now for something completely different:

Aside from making art, taking photos, and teaching, I love to cook. I'm not a food snob or a culinary genius, but I like to try new things all the time and my family does a pretty good job of stomaching the results.

In order to find my recipes again, I've put together a recipe blog. These are all recipes that I've tried and have decided to make again. I've got everything from Whole Wheat Pancakes to Pizza Carbonara to Jambalaya in there. So if you want some good recipes for healthy food that's not too difficult to make, have a look at my recipe blog:

Casa de Chaos

(so named because it's how I jokingly refer to my home.)


Chris James said...

I've been blogging about flat iron steak a lot lately. You get the tenderness of filet at the cost of rump.

Rebecca Burch said...

Oh, cool!!! I'll check it out!

Mmmmmm.... steeeaaaaak!