Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happiness is a big stack of finished tiles

These are the tiles I've been making for the Meditation Trail for the Catholic church camp. The trail is going to include 14 meditation points, one for each Station of the Cross. These are the ones that are finished (including that box, which is packed full) and there are even more sitting on the kiln room shelf waiting to be fired. The majority of the work is done.

However, I did learn something interesting. There is actually more than one version of the Stations of the Cross. This, of course, led to massive confusion and panic during the putting-together of this project, especially since I found out at the last minute that my version (also the Pope's version) is not the same version used by most Catholic churches. Not to worry, though... switch a few pictures around, change a label or two, and we're good to go.

Watch this spot for more pictures as I finish the Stations.

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