Friday, May 18, 2007

Peeps Gone Wild

The exhibit went SO WELL! We had more traffic than we really expected and the art was all well-recieved! Special thanks to Peep Goddess Amy Williams for curating the exhibit, Chet Lowther for giving us the exhibit space, Martyranny's Collective Pulse for the great Peepshow music, and to everyone who came out to see the exhibit.

I was impressed with all the art I saw at the Artwalk last night. All the works were great -- not at all like what you would expect to find in a sleepy small city in West Virginia. The INSIDE/OUTSIDE exhibit downstairs from the Peepshow was awesome. I especially liked the new works by Jamie Miller, whose art I'm seeing a lot of lately, and of course the ever-popular funky art by Charly Hamilton. I am really inspired by all the new creatives popping up in the local galleries. I think the Charleston art scene is starting to wake up!

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