Monday, January 08, 2007

Little Book of Hindu Deities

My lone art nerd AP Art History Student will be thrilled to death with my mail haul today. I found "The Little Book of Hindu Deities" on Amazon (by way of BoingBoing) and just had to get it. Luckily enough, she just finished reading about Hindu art in class and gets to pick a project to showcase her newfound appreciation of Hindu art. This book could give her a lot of inspiration! I know I couldn't put it down. She's going to love it!

It was written and illustrated by Sanjay Patel, an author and also artist from Pixar. The deities and other illustrations draw heavily on the bubblegum-pop Hello Kitty genre, and the stories about each deitiy are written in witty-yet-easy-to-digest language appropriate for kids and adults. It is substantial enough to be a textbook for a class on Hindu mythology, but fun enough to become a favorite read.

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