Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Last night was the big premiere of the movie "Pretty Girls Make Graves" at the historic Robey Theater in Spencer, WV. I originally intended to take a lot of photos at the premiere, but since I was in the cast, I immediately got whisked away to help roast the director/writer, Rodney, in a pre-show celebration.

I was amazed at the turnout!!! The place was packed! I really didn't expect to see so many people turn up for the premiere, especially since the weather was crappy. When I got there with my Father-in-law (also a cast member,) we could barely find a parking spot. They actually had to turn people away because of the fire code. How cool! :) I am glad to see the movie having some success.

The band "Criminal Supply Company" came out to play before and after the show. They're pretty awesome! Why haven't I heard of them before? The crowd was great, too -- they seemed to really enjoy the show, and laughed at all the right parts. Titus's death scene got a standing O -- people were really impressed with the acting and the special effects -- pretty unexpected for a movie that is mostly making fun of bad horror flicks.

Way to go, Rodney and Tim!!! May this be the beginning of many more fun movies!

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