Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In Response to Place

Battleground Point #25
Richard Misrach

Today I got an opportunity to lose myself in an art exhibit for an hour. The exhibit was "In Response To Place," which is part of a larger exhibit put together by the Nature Conservancy, and has been touring America since 2001. It's a visual treat, and if you have the time, you should check it out. It's like a little vacation for your lunch hour.

I was pleased to see some artists who don't usually do landscape work participate in this exhibit. Among my favorites -- Annie Liebowitz, Sally Mann, and William Wegman. It's always fun to see artists try new things (and it's even more fun to see them succeed!)

The piece that blew me away was the last one in the exhibit -- a 5-piece installation by photographer Hope Sandrow of the Island of Rinja Teluk Lehokuwwadadasami. The name is a mouthfull, and the piece has about the same effect on the eyes! There is so much to see! She captured both the underwater view of the island and the island above the water, plus fish, vegetation, the gorgeous tropical sunlight glinting off the waves lapping at the camera lens... truly stunning. I wish there was an image of it online.

You can read an excellent review of the exhibit at the Gazz's Art Attack. (You can see more images from the exhibit there, too.) The exhibit will reside at the Clay Center until November 5.

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