Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More new art

Eye Fish
9" X 11" Prismacolor

Some whimsical fun from my AP training. It's art lite, I know, but I had this crazy idea and couldn't get the Spongebob scenery out of my head so I had to run with it. Art snobs would eat it for lunch but I don't care. Sometimes I just want eye candy. :)

I started the big commissioned project from the Diocese. This is my first big project and I'm a little nervous about it all, but it's going well, at least. We did get booted out of the studio yesterday -- Taylor Books double-booked the clay studio since we really only needed the slab roller and one table, but the instructor for the wheel-throwing class wasn't cool with sharing so I graciously bowed out. It's all good -- the clay tile blanks were still wetter than I like them to be before I start carving, so they ought to be the way I want them to be when we go back there this evening. Plus, this gives me some time to rework my sketches.


Charlie Tee said...

Hi Rebecca, I'm a friend of Jennifer from On the Porchswing, she told me that I might like your blog, and I have to agree it's REALLY cool.Keep up the good work and DON'T give up on your dream, also don't worry about what the critics say, your work is fine, if for no one else but you...
I have a blog that primarily deals with music,stop by sometime.
Again, best wishes.
lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

Anathema Device said...

Awesome, Charlie! Thanks so much for the compliments! I'll definitely add you to my blogroll next time I update! I miss the Charleston music scene. My bro was in a band but now he's in Nashville and I live in Spencer, so I haven't been out much. Charleston has as good (or better, in my opinion) music scene than a lot of smaller cities I've visited!

See ya 'round!