Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chili Lime Tostitos

Okay, so does anyone in the Charleston area know where I can find these:
These chips are instantly addictive... kind of like crack, but with a chili-lime twist. I had some on the 4th, and now I'm tearing through every store to try and find some. Even Wal-Mart, with it's endless aisles and aisles of snackage, had none. I'll have to try the Ashton Place Kroger next. If they don't have it, they're not to be found.

I do have a serious chip addiction. I need to check myself into snack rehab or something. Since Mr. Bees changed their recipe, I've been looking for a new drug of choice. I have to admit, these chili-lime chips could be it.

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Sharon said...

I know! What's up with the Mr. Bee's change of recipe? I will follow the link after I comment, but I've noticed that they taste differently and now I just hate them.

I don't do very well with change ;)