Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bargain Alert!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Gabe's for bargains. I usually go there to look for clothes for the kids because you get the best bargains on kids' clothes, but I also love to scope out the kitchenware (and, um... the shoes. *g*)

I found THE BEST skillet. It's a Lumenflon SpA, which I've never heard of, but apparently, it's an Italian brand that is considered to be a pretty good brand by gourmet cooks. But who cares about that, it's a really good pan! It's a 12" skillet, nonstick, and is a good, heavy pan. It conducts heat very evenly and has a slight waffle pattern on the bottom -- something I've only seen in a few pans, but I like it because it keeps your food from sliding around on the nonstick surface.

And the price? Get this -- $12.99!

I didn't get to give it a good test drive until this morning, but I just made the best veggie omlette for breakfast, and it cooked very evenly, without burning in spots. After I flipped the omlette out onto my plate, you could barely tell I had cooked anything at all in the pan because nothing stuck.

I would love to find more of this brand! I'll have to go back and see if they have other pans, too. I just saw the huge stack of 12" skillets, but I would love to find a small skillet and maybe a saucepan or two.

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