Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogroll / links

I made the mistake of changing the layout of this blog and ended up wiping out my blogroll. I had been meaning to update it for a long time, anyway, so I added a bunch of stuff -- thanks to Oncee and his amazing WV blogroll. (I usually just go to his page to find cool things to read, anyway.)

I added a link to Delish, although it's currently closed. I heard it's going to reopen and that also, there is going to be a new place called "Cilantros" that offers fish tacos. I haven't had a good fish taco in... uh... since I last made one, myself! They're as rare around here as slaw dogs are outside of WV. So, yum! (Now, if someone would just open a good hot dog joint near CCHS, I'd be thrilled!)


Anonymous said...

I think when I first started looking for WV blogs, I stole links from Oncee as well.

Buffy said...

I've been looking for other bloggers from WV for some time now.....good to finally come across one. :)