Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No, I'm not doing anything...

Yeah, so painting has kind of taken a back seat to other things -- all those little "projects" that get dumped on art teachers at the end of the year. "Could you make a big sign that says 'Congratulations Seniors' for the baseball game tonight?" Could you take 8 huge rolls of gossamer and cut it into 3-, 4-, and 5-foot lengths?" If I didn't REALLY love my job, I would be annoyed, but it's actually a lot of fun -- especially when the kids help out, too. It's all part of the territory, and I really do love all the excitement of graduation time. There are a lot of seniors that I'm really going to miss!

Busy as I've been lately, I didn't have my 7th graders today, so I got an extra class period right before lunch to go and run some errands. Nice! I even stopped by Ellens for some Spinach and Orzo salad -- delish! (Speaking of Delish, I miss them!) While I was out, I came across some gorgeous white azaleas in front of Kanawha United Presbyterian Church. I really want some to plant in my own yard, but I'm afraid the deer would eat them for lunch.

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