Sunday, April 09, 2006


What a great weekend! I didn't get anything done on my painting, but I spent the entire day yesterday enjoying the arts around town.

I started out by taking the kids to see Spaceships, Moons, and Stars with the WV Symphony Orchestra. It was one of those family concerts with all the hands-on fun beforehand, and a more kid-friendly concert (athough adults loved the musical selections, as well!) All the music was space-themed, and symphony conductor Grant Cooper had lots of entertaining space factoids and demonstrations throughout the concert. The grand fanale was music from the Star Wars movies, and I have to admit, I went all geek-fangirl when they played the Imperial March and Darth Vader rose up on the stage flanked by storm troopers. Hehheh! Star Wars + Symphony Orchestra = happy geek. :)

I then spent a few hours at school teaching kids how to paint faux-stone for prom decor. Not exactly highbrow art, but I always love teaching, and I love my students, so it wasn't like going to work at all. We're making the ruins of Atlantis, and I think it's going to be truly awesome. Right now, there are 16 giant pillars in the hallway beside my classroom. Hopefully they're getting stashed in the attic right now so the seniors don't know about our decorations until prom.

Last night, Mike and I went to see American Paradise. WOW! I'm not even a huge fan of Rockwell, although I like his paintings, but this play really made me see them in a new light. This has got to be the best Scarpelli/Kehde play EVER, and I was actually really surprised that it was one of their originals. (Not that their plays aren't good -- just sometimes kind of formulaic. This one was just SO good, I thought it had to have come from Broadway. I am happy to admit I was wrong!) A lot of my students were in the play (all the best actors, of course... hehheh!) and also my friends and coworkers, Susan Cramer and Kate Fitzgerald. They all did an amazing job with the play, and I will never look at those paintings the same way again. If they do this play again, it should be on everyone's "must see" list.

Today, still no painting... *sigh* Doing some visiting and cleaning the house. Mother-in-law arrives tomorrow for a week.

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